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Our humble beginning is in interior design business and our creativity branch out to  designing yoga inspired yoga wear. Our T-Shirts have graphic designs that are modern, artistic, unique and inspirational;  illustrating yoga poses and yoga positions.

"My Love of Yoga" and "Yogalitik" are divisions of Designmaster Group LLC

Our Mission

To inspire yoga enthusiasts with positive uplifting messages through modern, artistic, unique and inspirational Yoga T-Shirts attire.



Yoga is a practice

Not just an exercise 

It's listening to my heart

And nurturing my soul

It's knowing my limitation

And harnessing my strength

It's about calming my mind

To expand on positive thoughts

It's touching my spirit

And achieving harmony

It's discovering my "Being"

And loving myself as "I am"

It is seeking wisdom

And finding refuge in silence

It's the acceptance of "This is"

That leads me to Peace

In Yoga I have no

Past, present or future

I only have "This Moment"

I will feel it ...savor it...and enjoy it...

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  My Love of Yoga T-Shirts by Yogalitik convey inspirational messages that relates to yoga enthusiasts: Serenity, Beyond, Letting Go, Basic, Stretch, Reach Out, Soulmate, AHA, Yoga Fights Cancer and My Yoga 

Minimum quantity orders apply except for limited quantities available online.

Contact us for bulk or special orders: yogalitik@myloveofyoga.com

 Our"3D" Philosophy 

Define your goals 

Determine your needs 

Decide what is important